LED lighting is a proven technology that is rapidly changing the way facilities are incorporating energy saving measures.

Energy Savings

Since the wattage required by LED lighting to produce the equivalent lumen output compared to conventional lighting is much less, the energy reduction can typically range between 50%-80%.

Long Life

LED lights and fixtures typically last 50,000 to 100,000 hours, representing a life span 50 times longer than a incandescent, 25 times longer than halogen and 8 years longer than CFL’s.

Reduced Maintenance

Because LED lighting will operate a very long time with no need for bulb and ballast replacement, no labor and no rental equipment needed, routine maintenance is eliminated.

Improved Light Quality

LED emits a brighter light that provides a safer work place and a balance of light, maintaining light output over its life span compared to conventional lighting, which drops off over time significantly

Site Safety Compliance

Since LED has a longer life, safety and code issues don’t come into play nearly as often, which allows the facility to stay complaint with OSHA, local fire and safety codes and insurance companies

HVAC Reduction

Because LED lighting and components emit little to no heat compared to conventional lighting, the HVAC costs associated with lighting will be greatly reduced

Instant Start

LED lights have the ability to turn on and off instantly, allowing the lights to work with motion detection, sensor control and smart technology, ensuring that the lights turn off when not in use

Environmentally Sound

Not only does LED reduce lighting consumption by 50-80% which reduces the carbon footprint, but it also contains no mercury and virtually no UV Radiation, resulting in a very environmentally, low emission technology

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